Who are we? #RRC2032

The privately financed initiative "Rhein Ruhr City 2032" was launched in 2016 is concerned with a vision: a supra-regional, community-based, economically and ecologically sustainable concept for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the metropolitan region Rhein-Ruhr. Through and not for the Games essential future topics such as networked mobility and digitalization can be decisively promoted - with 2032 as a target date.


of the sports facilities are already available


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Fifth largest metropolitan region in Europe


Medium-sized companies



„The power of sport is to connect people all over the world.“

Considering a sustainable and economically-ecologically sensible cost-benefit ratio, our concept for the privately financed Rhein Ruhr City 2032 initiative focuses on almost 90% of existing sports facilities in the metropolis Rhein/Ruhr which are needed for the Olympic Games.

People want to know what they get out of such a big event before they apply. "What do I get out of it?" is the central question in our concept. In cooperation with the RWTH Aachen University and Professor Dr. Günther Schuh, we are developing visions and concepts of how Olympia 2032 can serve as a motor and driver for the entire Rhein-Ruhr region and support the people who live here. This includes the topics of networked mobility and digitalisation.

A total of 14 municipalities are part of the Rhine-Ruhr City 2032 sports facility concept: Aachen, Bochum, Bonn, Dortmund, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Cologne, Krefeld, Leverkusen, Mönchengladbach, Oberhausen and Recklinghausen. 14 municipalities that are enthusiastic about the idea of bundling forces and synergies for an overarching goal and thinking as one metropolitan region.

The Rhein Ruhr City 2032 Initiative sees itself as an offer to politics and sports policy, initiated from within society as a grassroot movement. The sovereign decision whether, with whom and when to apply for Olympic and Paralympic Games with Germany lies with the German Olympic Sports Confederation, the DOSB.

The concept Rhein Ruhr City 2032 contributes 100% to the IOC's Agenda 2020. The IOC's Agenda 2020, headed by its President Dr. Thomas Bach, and the further development of the Agenda in recent months mean that for the first time in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, regions can also apply for the Games.

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Sports facilities


Rheinenergie Stadion




Lanxess Arena

Gymnastics, Rhythmic gymnastics, Trampoline

Lake Fühlinger See

Open water swimming, Triathlon

Stadion Höhenberg




Ob Karneval oder Fastelovend, ob Alaaf oder Helau, ob Karnevalist oder Jeck, ob Straßenumzug oder Sitzung – die Hauptsache ist: Fünfte Jahreszeit. 🎊

Die Zeit bis Aschermittwoch ist immer ist eine tolle Möglichkeit, um zu ...
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20. Feb 2020

Der Rohstoff der Zukunft liegt heute zwischen den Ohren, nicht mehr unter der Erde. 👩‍🎓

Mit 10 öffentlich-rechtlichen Universitäten, darunter mit der RWTH Aachen University und der Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn zwei Exzellenz-Unis, 11 öffentlich-rechtlichen Fachhochschulen, ...
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18. Feb 2020

International ist die Messe Essen schon lange – jährlich besuchen Menschen aus mehr als 130 Nationen die Veranstaltungen vor Ort. Und 2032? Sollen hier ebenfalls Menschen aus aller Welt zusammentreffen – Sportler wie Zuschauer. Die ...
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15. Feb 2020

Through Olympics

The potential Olympic and Paralympic Games will enable the Rhine and Ruhr region, and thus for North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany, to decisively advance future topics such as networked mobility and digitalization, as well as sustainability and the Smart City - with 2032 as the set target date. In this context, we are organizing the Metropolitan Cities congress series in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University and Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh.

The vision of the METROPOLITAN CITIES initiative is to network and mobilize people in the fifth largest metropolitan region in Europe: Rhine-Ruhr.

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